Thursday, 11 March 2010

Bioshock 1950's Art

After sitting and watching my housemate's boyfriend play Bioshock 2 for many hours, which was thoroughly enjoyable, and even moreso when he turned up having bought the Art and concept book that comes with it. Because the game is set in the 1950's era, a lot of the trashed posters and artwork around the game is very 50s themed and here are some examples of the imagery found in the game.

I find 1950s advertisements and imagery fascinating, I just think it was a really great era for design. yes we look at it these days and think, wow, that's really cheesey, but it worked for the era and it's really interesting to look at. I also loved that nobody gave a damn about political correctness, and the man was definitely still superior in this era, and it's reflected in a lot of 1950's advertisements. A woman's place was the kitchen. Just watch Mad Men!

-HJ x

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