Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Botanical Bakery & Pure Bake Shop

Designed by DBD International. Botanical Bakery is a nice little range of cookies designed with colours to indicate each flavour. everything is drawn drawn and the logo is a leaf contorted into a smile. It's got a very whimsical feel about it, it seems very playful and the bright colours catch the eye. Cookies in themselves are a treat and while are enjoyed by all ages are quite a 'childlike' thing in general.

Designed by Michael Gump Jr.

“Pure Bake Shop is a Toledo based bakery that specializes in gluten free products. The bakery uses all natural ingredients including organic beans, soy, and nut flours for their baked goods. I wanted to accentuate the “purity” of the bakeshop. The mixture of large, but thin typography, and dot patterns along with the soft vellum packaging create a mood that encompasses the pure aspect on which the bakeshop takes pride.”

This design is very aesthetically pleasing, very simple with a limited, muted colour pallet. It certainly gives off the impression of 'pure' that they were aiming for.

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