Monday, 27 September 2010

Time for Tea: Initial research

This was designed by Pearlfisher.

I quite like the rebrand of this tea product. It's very clean and simple with the white stock and black typography but the unusual and brightly coloured illustrations really draw the eye to them and give each product in the range an identity to itself, even if the image has nothing to do with tea at all.
This design for London tea was created by Cowan London. It's definitely a step away from stereotypical tea packaging. I do like the L and the T make the chair and table, but i'm not a fan of the design over all. It doesn't work for me and they don't really look all that modern and these flourishes seen on the boxes have been seen a LOT in design lately. This design looks cheap while London Tea as a brand really isn't.
Another design from Pearlfisher for Fortnum and Mason. Generally, Fortnum and Mason is a very expensive brand and these certainly look the part. Cheap to produce? Not at all. Could be seen on super market shelves? Don't make me laugh, but there's something about them. They're collectible, at least to me, and the embossing draws me in to be touched. They look elegant and expensive and very high end.
A design by Brand Engine. it's very clean, simple, and balanced but it has a sort of vintage feel about it. To look at it, I wouldn't connect to to tea in the slightest but it will stand out on the shelf with it's use of bold, bright colours.
I know this is coffee and not tea, but still. Designed by Young & Laramore Advertising. I particularly like the substrait. I know that coffee granules are loose and have to be packaged differently to tea bags but still, it's a bag rather than a box and it's nice. The type resolution works really well too.

Designed by LA+B: Love for Art & Business. Again, it's not tea bags but it's a form of tea so I supposed that I should have a look at it. Not that I'm going to be making anything like this. I've never actually had green tea, I suppose I should try it some time. The design looks very simple with bright colours for each flavour of product and looks very Asian which I suppose is the look that they were going for. It's very simplistic and effective.

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