Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Everclear and Absinthe

I've been looking at how the strongest alcohols have been presented. The image below is Everclear and apparently it's the strongest alcohol in the world. It...really doesn't look like much. It looks like an own brand of vodka or something from some store. It looks really cheap and like it's not going to be very good. Either way, it's almost pure alcohol. I've read that it's 190% proof or something.

Absinthe is another type of alcohol that's gotten itself a good reputation of being very strong over the years. Whereas everybody has heard of (and tried, probably) Absinthe at some point in their life, I for one had never heard of Everclear. Absinthe is packaged in so many different ways but of course, green is the main colour of the design. It's an old drink now so many absinthe bottles are presented in the fashion of vintage bottles. Of course it's much different now, weaker and doesn't have the worm in the bottom like bottles from turn of the century New Orleans. It was banned in 1912.

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