Sunday, 3 October 2010

Tea Lovely Package Results

Daisy Dayoung Lee

This is a lovely little concept for packaging different flavours of tea. I love the unusual shape of the individual tea bags and the bright colours which makes it very eye catching. It's a unique idea for packaging tea.

Konrad Sybilski

Playing on the simple and harmonic attributes that we have to tea, the packaging has two [arts, one very simple and minimalistic cover which slides off to reveal a harmonic pattern on the box underneath. I really like the use of colours and simplicity in this design.

Dimitri Moruz

This design, I love. It's much more playful than conventional tea packaging yet at the same time I could see it on the shelves at Morrisons rather than just a conceptual piece. The use of die cutting and layering definitely reduces the amount of ink used and I think it's a very beautiful and simplistic way of packaging tea.

Sara Strand

These kids tea ranges are very cute and characterized to appeal directly to the kids. the use of bright colours and simple vectors really draws the eye.

Dennis de Leon

This is a very high end looking way of packaging tea and to look at it I would think it to be very expensive and high quality. It's very simple yet it looks very high class and 'royal' at the same time. The muted colours are very subtle and make it look very regal.


More shockingly bright colours to attract the eye. What I really like about this design is now the box is also a dispenser for the flat sachets of tea, it makes it very easy to access the tea inside and could be used in cafes and such. It's packaging and point-of-sale combined and that is something to bear in mind.


As far as I know this is just a conceptual piece. While it looks great and it's a really nifty idea, it strikes me more as a novelty gift rather than a serious product that would be sold in supermarkets. It's very impractical.

Big Fish

Now Clipper tea is something that I see in supermarkets all the time and it's also sold in the canteen at college. I don't know what the old boxes used to look like but I'm fairly sure that this design is a fairly recent overhaul. I really like this design, it strikes me as being whimsical and almost cute but it doesn't go over board. the limited colour pallet really suits the style and yes, i like it.

Natalia Ponomareva

Purely conceptual but what a gorgeous idea. Shaped tea bags I imagine are quite difficult to do anyway, let alone one as fancy as this.

Soon Mo Kang

This is a very cute and playful idea, and also a little practical in the way that you don't have to fish around for the tea bag with your spoon, you can just lift it out with the little hanger. It's very inspiring though I don't think could be a serious product seen on shelves in supermarkets. Like the teastar, it's a little more conceptual and novelty-esque.

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